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Epson inkjet 200 series, T200 series

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Epson inkjet Cartridges

  • Epson Black Ink Cartridge, High-Capacity,        Part No.T200XL120-S             
  • Epson  Black Inkjet Cartridge,                              Part No.T200120-S     
  • Epson Cyan Ink Cartridge, High-Capacity,         Part No.T200XL220                 
  • Epson Cyan Ink Cartridge,                                    Part No.T200220      
  • Epson Magenta Ink Cartridge, High-Capacity,    Part No.T200XL320 
  • Epson Magenta Ink Cartridge,                               Part No.T200320                
  • Epson Yellow Ink Cartridge, High-Capacity,       Part No.T200XL420 
  • Epson Yellow Ink Cartridge,                                  Part No. T200420                                  

    Compatible Printer List:

    • WF-2520 WorkForce, WF-2530 WorkForce, WF-2540 WorkForce, XP-200 Expression Home, XP-300 Expression Home, XP-310 Expression Home, XP-400 Expression Home, XP-410 Expression Home

    Yields Approximately In accordance with ISO/IEC 19752 Standard: .

    • Epson black High-Capacity cartridge 500 pages at 5% Coverage
    • Epson black cartridge 175 pages at 5% Coverage
    • Epson Clor High-Capacity cartridges 450 pages at 5% Coverage
    • Epson black cartridge 165 pages at 5% Coverage